Harm Reduction

IBHINC- Harm Reduction

IBH supports the concept of harm reduction when the term means reducing the use of the illegal drugs that cause harm including mental illness and physical disease as well as death, crime, decreases in productivity and family suffering. 
However, in a bizarre and purposefully deceptive twist of rhetoric, the term Harm Reduction has been hijacked in the drug policy world by a heterogeneous group of advocates who think that the only harm worth talking about in drug abuse policy is the "harm" caused by anti-drug efforts such as the arrest and imprisonment of the distributors of illegal drugs. Advocates of Harm Reduction seek to reduce the pain that restrictive drug policies cause to individuals who use illegal drugs. Proponents of Harm Reduction do not aim to reduce drug use. Instead they offer seemingly reasonable modifications to current drug policy that are designed to reduce the harm to illegal drug users. 

Harm Reduction
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