Creating a Trauma Informed State


Creating a Trauma Informed State    photos from the event
A Showcase of Florida's Cutting Edge Trauma Initiatives (PDF)


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FL Families Baker Act

The Baker Act encourages the voluntary admission of persons for psychiatriccare, but only when they are able to understand the decision and its consequences and are able to fully exercise their rights for themselves. When this is not possible due to the severity of the person’s condition, the law requires that the person be extended the due process rights assured under the involuntary provisions of the Baker Act. Florida citizens who might harm themselves or others may be held involuntarily for assessment up to 72 hours. The statute for mental illness is called a Baker Act.  Background      FORMS

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Florida drug-related outcomes surveillance and tracking system

Welcome to the Florida Drug-Related Outcomes Surveillance and Tracking (FROST) System. FROST is an interactive, publicly available data dissemination tool for researchers, public health professions and the general public to quickly explore Florida drug-related outcomes.

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Service Locator- Adult, Children- Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Housing.....

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State Successes- Decreases Opioid Abuse

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What to Know About Florida’s New Opioid Prescription Law, Effective July 1, 2018

If your doctor has prescribed opioids for your acute pain, a new Florida law may affect your supply. As of July 1, 2018, most opioid prescriptions will have a three-day limit. In some situations, physicians can prescribe a seven-day supply for acute pain, if the situation is documented as medically necessary. 

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