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stop rx drug abuse

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Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Legislation Info

These fact sheets are good information to post in schools, dorms, offices, churches....
  Narcotic/Opioids         Sedative/Hypnotics        Stimulants           Illegal Drugs

Prescription Drug Narcotic Pills mini Prescription Drug Sedative Pills miniprescription drug Stimulant card master miniprescription drug illegal drug card mini

For larger images of individual pill card photos click on images

Prescription Drug Fact Sheet:
Compares prescription drugs- Narcotic, Sedatives and Stimulants
Pill Cards: (Narcotic, Sedatives, Stimulants and Illegal Drugs
Combination of pill cards and fact sheet (portrait 2 sheets)

See homepage for Adderall, Medical and Legal Aspects
2006 DEA Trend in Prescription Drug Abuse
2009 Death by Drug Intoxication
Opioid Receptors The Basis of Pain Relief and Addiction
Prevalence and Patterns of Nonmedical Use of OxyContin® and Other Pain Relievers

Abuse and Dependence Liability of Benzodiazepine
Discrepancies between prescribed and defined daily doses: a matter of patients or drug classes?

EROWID- Documenting the relationship between humans & Psychoactives

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