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stop rx drug abuse

Substance Abuse among Women During Pregnancy and Following Childbirth

2011 1 14 CDC Health Disparities and Inequalities Report

2010 3 3 Nonmedical prescription analgesic use and concurrent alcohol consumption among college students

2010 1 19 Opioid Prescriptions for Chronic Pain and Overdose

Gender issues in the Pharmacotherapy of Opioid-Addicted Women: Buprenorphine
Criminal Activity Among Young Adults in the Club Scene

Prevalence and Patterns of Prescription Drug Misuse among Young Ketamine Injectors

Deaths related to the use of prescription opioids

Challenges in Using Opioids to Treat Pain in Persons With Substance Use Disorders

Management of Chronic Noncancer Pain in the Primary Care Setting- Medscape for med students- excellent article.

FDA on Zicam: Sad to think that the FDA is more concerned with 130 people who have lost their sense of smell than the thousands of people who have died from Narcotics and millions of families affected throughout our country.

Study Links OxyContin to Increase in Deaths in Canada

 Screening for Drug Abuse Among Medical and Nonmedical Users of Prescription Drugs in a Probability Sample of College Students

Drug abuse and addiction

Increase in Fatal Poisonings Involving Opioid Analgesics in the United States, 1999-2006

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